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February 11, 2009

If you read this, you're slow!


Hello fellow readers, if you're still visiting this photoblog, it had officially moved to s m a n f o t o. Do update your links or bookmarks if you still want to continue "supporting" this blog! Thanks!

Click HERE for the new link

Posted @ 5:31 PM | 2008 © Sherman Photography

February 08, 2009

Farewell my Comrades

Wow, the past few days were crazy for me and mates. We just had our poster presentation last Friday and now we had to rush through our final report over the weekend, amazingly i think it's my first time sleeping quite late (5am?) just to finish up as much stuff as I can. The thing is i have to compile the video clips for 4 non-English videos and that was really really painful! haha!

Although we would all want our projects to be done asap, it's really kinda sad to know that we're graduating soon! We'll all probably go our separate ways after 3 long years of friendship and great laughter. But not to worry, we still have a few more 'unofficial weeks' together and of course the infamous Dinner & Dance to look forward to which we initially had no interest in. Haha, it's been one hell of a ride :D

Posted @ 10:12 AM | 2008 © Sherman Photography

January 27, 2009

Come on, show me your true colours

Well well... first of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone Chinese or non-Chinese. Nothing exciting about CNY though, it's just the same old gathering at Granny's place for dinner and that's about it. I've not visitations like any other Chinese kid around here. hahaha... so with that free time... i was thinking of coming out a proper Photography name for myself (at least something that will last?) I feel like adding the number 12 inside (for no specific reason except that 12 is my birth date? haha)

So you geniuses out there, any suggestions?

Posted @ 1:02 PM | 2008 © Sherman Photography

January 22, 2009

And then I came back...

Oh my.... i realised i haven't updated since the New Year! 0.0 that's how busy i've been for the past few weeks and it's gonna get even busier with my final year project submission, poster presentation, oral presentation to the external examiners and even my last exam in Ngee Ann! Goshhh! Although i can't wait for the long chinese new year weekend but i still have to complete alot of my school assignments... Nevermind...... i just need to hang in there for 6 more weeks!

Anyway, it's good to be back shooting again.. haha! if you know where i took this, you'll realised most of my "desparate-to-update shots" were taken at the same location but with different ideas. Been wanting to try a self-jumpshot-portrait like these for quite some time, but too bad the surroundings are either filled with too much greeneries or construction so this was the only nice spot i found with the Singapore Sports School (Hint!) as a background!

I hope to update again soon if can! Later!

Posted @ 9:04 PM | 2008 © Sherman Photography

January 01, 2009

Time to look ahead


It's been a great 2008 and i guess 2009 will be another bumpy ride for me. 2009 will be the year i can say goodbye to education for at least 2 years. It will also be the year where "boys become men" as they always say. For me that is. Fortunately or not, all fit Singaporean men will eventually have to serve the army for a minimum of 2 long years (2 1/2 for some a long time ago). Still i guess that's something we Singaporean men can talk about even if we don't know each other. Soon it will be my turn this year and i guess that's something i could look forward to? (Can't speak too soon)

Posted @ 10:54 PM | 2008 © Sherman Photography